Sunday, September 10, 2017

I Could Die In Peace - Keysi Cordero

I Could Die In Peace

I could die in peace...
I've traveled the world
I've experienced true love
And I've served the Lord
I could certainly die in peace
Close my eyes and see His bliss
Yet there are many other places to go
There are new reasons to love
And serve the Lord even better than before
I could definitely die in peace
Had Jesus not come to take my place
I'd be lost & far from grace
His abundant love that'll never cease
Brings me hope so I fall in awe on my knees
-Kc Cordero

Monday, July 31, 2017

Girl's Time: A thousand products later... (acne,makeup & skin routine)

Beauty products... Ah!!!

Oh you know how it is! You found something that you're absolutely loving, maybe the scent, the texture or the color but it might be the very thing that's breaking your skin out, or maybe you found the right product for your skin but it's way over budget. We all struggle with this, the struggle is real!!! Skin care is expensive, but it's totally worth it and it'll show!!

I'm 23 and I think it's probably taken me like 3 years to figure out what works for my skin and what doesn't.... yeah! I have tried multiple things on my face, it's sort of scary to think about cause there have been some harsh products that I've applied which did some damage. 1000 products later.... that's why I decided to name this blog that way. But anyways, thank God I can rock a no make up day every now and then when I feel like it. I'm still trying to grow up and not pick on my face but I fail sometimes....

So, here's a little beauty routine that might help your acne or the appearance of your skin.
I get mild acne if I eat spicy foods in a row or chocolate, stress, irregular sleep or just that time of the month. So I personally look for products that are oil free, that have vitamin e since it helps with scars and blemishes, anything that says hypoallergenic and doesn't clog pores. Also I watch what I eat on a daily basis and try to drink lots of water, still trying to be better at eating fruit but I just forget all the time!

Day routine:

1.If I only wiped my face to remove my makeup the night before then I wash my face with a facial scrub (I use clean and clear morning burst)  otherwise I just wash my face with plain water.
2. Then I moisturize my face with St. Ives collagen moisturizer, that stuff is heaven! Been using it for years. So here's the thing, I recently went back to it because the moisturizer that I was using was breaking my face way too often. But the only reason I replaced my St. Ives was cause it doesn't have spf. I've been trying to find a primer that has spf and that is also oil free but haven't had much success so I'm just sticking with my St. Ives moisturizer.
I bought a hawaiian tropic face lotion sunblock in case it's a 100 degrees out and I don't have anything to protect my skin with. It's oil free and all but I've only used it once so I can't say much about it.  It feels nice and has a nice scent though.
3. I apply concealer first, most girls don't but that's just how I do it cause it looks good to me. I use Maybelline age rewind concealer.
4. I apply my powder foundation WITH A CLEAN BRUSH. I use Maybelline better skin foundation
5. Then I do my cheeks, I have a 3 and 1 Blush, Highlighter and Contour by Rimmel.
5. Then my liquid eyeliner, I just get the ones by wet and wild
6. Then my lipstick (I use Revlon or Nyx)
7. DONE!

I redo my makeup at least once a day just because I like it looking fresh and not caked!
I have some wet wipes by BioMiracle with Vitamin E and collagen, I wipe my face with one of those and then reapply everything but the eyeliner!

Night routine:
I use the wet wipes to remove makeup and then I wash my face with a Neutrogena cream cleanser, which is oil free and has 2% salicylic acid. I like Clean and Clear's Deep cleansing cream or St. Ives Green tea scrub, I go back and forth)
Then I moisturize my face with the same thing from early in the morning, and Tada!

Other products:

Proactive's Skin purifying mask with 6% sulfur
Neutrogena's oil free face soap
Aveeno dark spot treatment (I bought it a while ago and it helped with little blemishes caused by acne)
Fresh Aloe vera leaf from Natural Grocers (I scoop out the gel & apply it on my face for 20 min as a detox mask for those unwanted zits every now and then)

*Side tips:

1. Change your pillowcase regularly, it gets dirty with hair and it might cause breakouts.
2. Clean your phone regularly with a disinfectant wipe.
3. Do not touch face with unwashed hands
4. Drink plenty of water
5. Stress and lack of sleep can cause your skin to look dull, sleep and be happy :)
6. Wash hats if you wear some on a regular basis
7. Watch out for some hair products, for me some dry shampoos made my forehead to break out!

Girl's Time: College wardrobe essentials

College wardrobe essentials  - By Kc Cordero

So, there’s tons of articles on the web about "the must haves” for college clothing but I have decided to make my own list of affordable, yet trendy and cute clothes that every girl should consider for their wardrobe! 
Most of these are things that I either have in my closet or I'm considering to get soon.
I do not consider myself a fashionista of any kind, yet college outfits are my thing! Most of the time I’m wearing jeans, flats or flip flops and a t-shirt, but if I take a few minutes I'd go for some boots and trendy accessories like more jewelry than usual or wear a scarf! Obviously it depends on the weather, I live in Colorado so we tend to have some extreme changes every now and then. 
We do want to look presentable and put together in spite of the chaos and constant running around, and it is hard to find things that match sometimes, or maybe we just don’t have a mix of comfortable and cute at the same time. We want to feel comfortable yet secure and satisfied with our appearance, especially for those long tedious days at school! 
So here’s a list of things you should get before the semester starts, hopefully you have at least one of each :) Now, don’t freak out about buying everything at once or think you won’t survive if you don’t have all these things, I mean if you don’t own sanuk sandals by now you’re... sorta missing out? But it’s ok. (Ha,obvious joke, but no, try them out! They’re awesome!!!) 

Aight, here you go:

  1. Comfy shoes!!! (Toms, bobs, nikes, air walk,sanuk sandals…) all these guys are awesome to walk around campus cause they feel like clouds! and you'll still feel and look fashionable! 
  2. Scarves (Get plain or patterned ones that you can mix and match with outfits)
  3. Cardigans: They are lifesavers! You can easily look good with a nice necklace, some jeans and boots! 
  4. Speaking of Jeans and boots, they’re a MUST!! (Dark or light washes, skinny, etc) For boots try neutral colors that you can match with most things
  5. College Spirit wear: I mean, you attend to that school right?
  6. Hats (Baseball caps, beanies…) Good for bad hair days or windy days!
  7. Flannels and button down shirts
  8. Workout clothes! They are lifesavers as well if you’re not feeling like putting regular clothes on. At least you’ll look like you kinda tried.
  9. A classic backpack!
  10. Starbucks app (Yass)
  11. Leggings!!! A MUST!
  12. An everyday Jacket/ windbreaker 
  13. Hoodies and sweatshirts!
  14. A sports Jersey
  15. Winter: (Snow boots, coat, texting gloves)
  16. A pair of sunglasses 
  17. Summer (Shorts, dresses, skirts) 
  18. An oversized sweater (Why not?)
  19. Everyday t-shirts (Favorite quotes or logos)
  20. I have to throw this on here: Slippers with a sole!!!! Yess, who said they were meant for inside of the house?
  21. Just like the starbucks app isn't a closet item but a College must have, how about a portable charger? They're the best especially for those who take public transportation! 
If you have any other suggestions comment below! Or tell me a little about your wardrobe. If you need help with closet organization or what to keep or get rid of, shoot me a message! 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Working from the inside out!

Nighty Night folks! What can I say? It's past midnight and it's been such a beautiful day here in Colorado! Sunny but not toasty and then it cooled off throughout the night with a nice breeze and almost wanting to rain!
As I'm listening to worship and letting the words flow to post this blog, I am also listening to the quietness, it's quite odd because it's not completely quiet you might say! Yet this is the first time I think in a very long time that I'm able to differentiate between the two. I am at peace both in my soul and in my heart and I could definitely give the credit to a list of things that have contributed to that. For instance the fact that I'm not going to school this summer, only working one job 2-3 days a week after spending 15 days in Africa and coming back to another whole week off and the house practically to myself, I could also give credit to friends and loved ones who have made my days happy and meaningful, or how about much simpler moments like a nice shower, your dog happy to see you, or driving having no worries and just enjoying the ride? Now let me refocus, I mentioned that I COULD give credit to these things, but certainly they're not the MAIN reason why I'm such at peace!
Now I only mentioned the awesome stuff that has happened, but there are things that haven't quite gone so well in some areas yet I am still rejoicing! A few familial, personal and emotional situations that God is taking care of, He always does!!! And even so, I am not fretting or sweating a tad bit about it.
Today during my devotional time with my significant other today, we read a chapter on how to have a quiet soul in a loud world, and one thing that struck me the most was the following: "We equate external control by inner tranquility" that if we could only have control of everything in our lives then it should brings us immediate peace.
But the truth is that, it doesn't. First of all, you can't play god! God is the God of your life so He is the one that needs to be in control of everything, even the things that you are in control of! And second, it might bring peace in the moment, after finishing a task, after seeing a result, etc. but what's gonna happen if you don't get those answers you were expecting? Or seeing a dream of yours get crushed?
At that point, only the supernatural peace of Jesus will hold you through! So then our souls will have quietness even if you're not seeing what you wanted to see or hear what you wanted to hear! Problems are just another reason to see Him work it out and teach you how to be victorious to succeed and proceed to the next step!
Right now I could definitely be worried about things that will never happen, or things that can keep me up till 5 in the morning. But what for? I don't want to live my life that way and more so I don't want to die that way!
And of course it's easier said than done, but please just remember: Jesus got this, let's have an attitude of excellence towards every barrier! Ask Him how to face the next challenge that comes to your life, but also give yourself a break. When I was in Africa, one of my favorite things was the quietness in the mornings before we'd go to the villages, you could just enjoy a beautiful sunrise, animals, a good, authentic cup of coffee and simply breathe.
 Someone told me once: "Sometimes the best thing to do is to not do anything at all." Don't misunderstand me, don't stop paying bills or showing up to work but instead, work from the inside out! Check your heart with the Word of God, talk to Him, close your eyes and tell Him THANK YOU! Worship Him, ask Him for forgiveness, let Him renew you daily. Your inner being needs as much attention as your body and from there your responsibilities and tasks!

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. Psalm 62:5

Think about it, sometimes we have it all backwards! We are on the go, trying to do as much as we need to, we forget our physical bodies, we don't nourish it, we don't exercise, we don't sleep the hours we need so let alone the neglect of our souls, which is just as important but tends to be the last thing that we think of, if we even think about it! And we can apply this pattern to every area really, in your relationships, your dreams... the best picture of comparison that I can think of is if people tried putting their friends or in-laws before their relationship with their spouse! Tell me how that's gonna for you. So it's the same concept, you have to work from the inner circle, meaning you and your spouse come first, then your children, then y'alls family and friends.

I have certain life phrases just as life verses, mine lately has been something along the lines of "Pray, save and slay! It's silly, funny but speaks truth to my life as I'm always prepping for the next mission trip. I pray, if God opens the door then I save money, and if He says go then I go and serve Him and His people! But I can't slay if I don't pray, I won't be sharp!
That's a whole different bible study, but anyways I hope y'all have a great day tomorrow!
Stay tuned, God bless!


Lake Victoria, Africa

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Africa Mission Trip in a nutshell

Esther 4:14 ..."And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

Good morning my friends! Before I start this blog I truly want to thank one more time those who supported me before, during and after my trip with kind words, prayers, financially or simply being there ready for my updates and hear all about the trip. I am beyond grateful for you!!
It still hasn't sunk in. I've been back in the States for 4 days, the first day was very rough emotionally because all I wanted was to go back to the campsite and do it all over again, minus the flights of course !

Alright, here we go...

I did not know what exactly to expect as far as getting there, all I knew was that our Itinerary seemed endless and I was having very bad back pain from all my luggage by the time we arrived in Mwanza. I sucked it up and I put my trust in God, there were times at a few airports were I could not take it any longer and I asked one of my teammates to carry at least one item and sometimes the help was genuinely offered without me asking.
During those long flights and van rides when we were headed to the Island, I had plenty of time to meditate and think about the Lord, think of what I've become and who I was in Him, my heart was overwhelmed because I still couldn't believe that I was headed to Africa! Like are you serious? This had been my dream since I was 12, back when emails between 6th grade friends was the trend, you know "Internet Cafes" and flash drives and windows live messenger... I had received a couple of forwarded emails about being grateful for what you've got and it showed pictures of children in Africa. Ever since it was in the back of my mind to go someday and spend time with them, and I wasn't even a believer back in the day. 

When we arrived at the campsite I got very nervous, not gonna lie. I had never gone camping before, and I had no idea how to put it together even. When I got it going I went in my tent and organized my stuff a little, it got dark quickly after and all I could say was Lord, this is it. Help me. I'm excited but don't know how many days I'll be able to handle it. 

Viva la squatty potty!!! That's right, praise the Lord for our assistant team leader Susan! She's the most down to earth woman and taught me and other teammates how to go for it, of course I was feeling all weirded out about it, I thought I got it since I had used it maybe twice when I was in Thailand but for some reason this time seemed scarier, I went in the squatty potty and I looked down and was like nope, no way. Went straight to my tent and said Lord, I don't think camping is for me, help me because I want to cry really bad right now! So I skipped the squatty potty for the night and just went in the woods!

The next morning I was completely changed at heart and was ready to go share the Gospel and find the Lord in the smallest things, so no more sorrows or mourning over silly stuff! 
After one of the busiest semesters at school back home, emotionally and mentally draining I finally got to wake up that morning with nothing in mind but to read the word on a rock with my cup of coffee. The Lord lead me to Esther and it brought so much peace to my soul! The verse that stayed with me was Esther 4:14 ..."And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”  I knew from that point on that this was not a coincidence, God wanted me here in spite of my failures and I was ready to serve His people!

Some highlights before moving on:

  • Worship time!!  Love, love, love the worship, dances and joy the Tanzanian brothers and sisters have, it is absolutely contagious and beautiful to watch and experience! 
  • I got assigned to an amazing translator, a woman on fire for the Lord! Mrs. Kabula!
  • I had the privilege to lead worship every morning, but I still do not see myself as a worship leader :D
  • No technology for the whole time, best thing ever!!!
  • Tanzanian food is delicious!!

First day of evangelism started on Thursday. We got to evangelize Thursday, Friday, Saturday and the following Monday. We'd start with devotions amongst our small team assigned for that village and discipleship after evangelism...take note, only 4 days! 

During the whole time demons were cast out, many people gave their lives to Christ, we got to pray for the sick and meet their families and neighbors, establish friendships and hear their stories! On that Sunday we did not get to evangelize because it was a church day and baptisms afterwards, so all those people who we got to share the Gospel with were invited to the morning service, I saw a lot of familiar faces! It was very humbling and amazing to watch!! We got to dance with the nationals, pray together and see lives transformed. 
Every home that I got to share the gospel at received Jesus in their hearts, including a man that was very well known in the village and was very successful, his position didn't stop him from coming to Christ.
Things were happening not only amongst those who accepted Christ but amongst our team too. Those who didn't feel equipped or ready enough to share the good news were stretched in ways they didn't see coming and molded right there! God qualified the called!!
Personally I was able to appreciate so much, and come back home with a fresh perspective of what really matters the most! And that is, we also have people in need back home! So I came back not worrying about work, or what school is going to look like this coming semester! All I desire is to be used by the Lord here in the States just like I was being used in Tanzania, and listen more to friends and family that have spiritual or emotional needs. It's awesome because it's only been a few days and I already talked with a few people who needed prayer,  life was happening here when I was gone! So it's not about what I did on the trip, but what He did!

The craziest testimony that I got to experience was a lady that came to our discipleship one afternoon and was scared because she gave her life to the Lord but her husband was beating her for her profession of faith. The very next day we got to share the gospel with that man and for the Glory of God he also gave his life to Christ. It took him a while because he had many questions, and what I loved the most was his heart and willingness to listen, and respectfully ask and share why he had skepticism. 

Jesus is AMAZING!!! I truly hope I can go back again and see how the new churches are doing and how the new believers have been changed! 
Just like I shared amongst my team, this was the best trip of my life! I had never seen so many people coming to Christ, and how people were so ready to receive their Savior of their soul!

Hit me up if you have any questions :) I'm happy to answer! 

Super cool facts: 

1,753 adults heard the gospel plus too many children under 12 to count
3 new churches started
11 churches that were planted last year were strengthened thru discipleship 

947 people gave their lives to Christ!!

 The first family that accepted Christ 

People at our discipleship

 Evangelizing at the villages 

Sunday service 

For more pictures, go to my Facebook Page 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

It's been quite sometime folks!

Just a thought:

"This life shall soon pass
and only what we did for Jesus will last.
Salvation comes from Him only
and He won't stop pursuing you
He will send anything, anyone your way
For you to turn back to Him
It's so worth the risk
losing it all, to win Him!"

Hey late night bloggers!

Haven't posted anything in a while, life's been.. life! But you've gotta remember that Jesus is still on the throne and when you realize this, your whole perspective of eternity changes!!! (and also the way you live, act, talk here on earth)
What can I say? It really isn't about me, it's about the Lord's doing in me. I've been on 3 different mission trips, all of these experiences have changed my life and shaped the kind of christian that I am right now.
I've heard a lot, seen a lot, yet not enough to understand the reasons why this world is becoming colder and colder. All I know is that His coming is soon, and many are called but only a few are chosen. (Matthew 22:14)
Marriages are being dissolved, deaths, betrayals, brokenness, heartaches.... I'll never fully get your pain or what you're going thru. All I can tell you is, JESUS IS STILL ON THE THRONE. Does this mean anything to you?? Well, it's time for you to fix your eyes on the ONE who can turn ashes into beauty!
Don't ask why, but what for! what purpose does this situation (fill in the blank) have in my life?
I'm a person that has never questioned the existence of God, or where He's been in different trials and tribulations, because I've always known He is there and He is good and loves me, since I was a little kid. Yet some folks struggle with this and it's okay, we all struggle with different things and I pray the Lord would open your eyes and ears to see thru the lens of Faith above your difficulties
I can't stress this verse enough: The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. (Psalm 23:1) You've heard it a million times, now it's time to apply it!

God bless y'all and have an excellent night. Rest in Him!

Give it to Jesus and go to sleep :)

Kc Cordero

Friday, August 5, 2016

I wanna be with the Lord , but there is work to do!

Topic: I wanna be with the Lord, but there is work to do!

Bible verse: Philippians 1:21-26

"For to me, living is Christ and dying is gain. If I am to live in the flesh, that means fruitful labour for me; and I do not know which I prefer. I am hard pressed between the two: my desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better; but to remain in the flesh is more necessary for you. Since I am convinced of this, I know that I will remain and continue with all of you for your progress and joy in faith, so that I may share abundantly in your boasting in Christ Jesus when I come to you again."

There have been so many situations where close friends of mine have told me: I rather be with the Lord, this world doesn't get any better, there's no point of living here anymore, can't wait till He takes me home, etc. And sometimes we even think that, there have been times where we just wish to have "rapture buttons". I heard this on the radio the other day, as soon as a tough situation approaches, we can just say "See ya" and press the button and never come back to earth. 

But here what Paul is saying is, he is enjoying being in the world, he's not of the world but he is enjoying the fellowship with the believers, the promises of God being fulfilled in his life and the lives of the other believers, the works of salvation Jesus has been performing in each heart, etc. He is making people see what dwells in his heart: There's a great desire to be with Jesus, yet being alive is also a huge blessing that not everyone gets to enjoy. 

The verse says that being in the flesh for him means fruitful labor! What an eye opener that is! Being in the flesh for him is being in person but doing God's work and being faithful in the ministry, the question for us today is: What are we doing while we're in the flesh? (Meaning, here in the world, right here right now?) It's because of salvation and grace that we labor and we know it's not in vain! So, are we enjoying like Paul the benefits of being alive and being a believer?  All the wonderful fruit that comes with ministry? Don't be so overwhelmed by your problems and miss out the bigger picture: God is not done with you, He knows when it's time to come home but for now, let's fellowship, use your gifts and talents, serve the Lord!

I pray your heart won't grow weary, but be strengthened by His mighty power!

In His Name,